From J’s Diary: the rainy day- Part 1

Woke up at 6:30
Ate breakfast
Read newspaper
Was Waiting for the rain to stop.
When it did I had second thoughts of going to the aerobics class.
Not because of sudden laziness in me
but the thought of going on a scooty after it rained this heavily.
Not as if the road will be flooded with water(which indeed will be after all it’s gurgaon) but what is hidden beneath the surface of water is what made me have second thoughts.
POTHOLES. If you have ridden a scooty right after it rains this heavily and the roads are left devastated, you know what I am talking about.
Alas! One more failed attempt to change my routine.
I am a girl who doesn’t wake up early unless something needs me to and it is killing my desire to sleep.I end up not doing the task I woke up for.
Deficient of 3 hrs sleep I guess I should sleep again now.
For I feel clueless of this early waking and sleep is calling me back to bed while my eyes are all red.


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